About Us

Sin 2009

The reference point for Wi-Fi in Italy

Company specializing in wireless networks, competence, professionalism and friendliness are the cornerstones that we respect day by day in our work.
The core of the company is dedicated to the business market, part of our work is dedicated to the consumer market.

Our Strength


Net-wifi has been dealing with telecommunications infrastructures and networks for over a decade. Years of uninterrupted experience in the field, countless small, medium and large plants designed and built in Italy and abroad allow us to put our know-how at the customer's service.

Our technical support will always advise you:

  • Pre-sales consulting (To guide you in the choice of wi-fi apparatus best suits to your needs)
  • Post-sales consultancy (To guide you, where necessary, in the installation of the purchased devices)

Why choose us

The person first of all

We are convinced that human relationships are fundamental in life and work, you can buy on the online store one, two, three or hundreds of times without ever having direct contact, but the real customer for us is the one you stop at. chatting about this and that, whether it's work or not, it doesn't matter. We have long-standing customers with whom we have established relationships of real friendship, well if you pass by our part we will be happy to offer you a coffee and some pastries, and if you don't? Pick up the phone and call us, a phone call with a nice customer certainly brightens up the day!!

In the background, you could choose us because we know our sector in depth, as professionals we do not stop at simple supply, we can offer you many additional services that allow you to save a lot of money, among the most requested:

  • Network and infrastructure design: floor plans, elevation profiles, network topology, coverage maps, civil infrastructures
  • Technical consultancy: analysis of the constraints, feasibility analysis, cost / benefit analysis, choice of suitable equipment
  • Technical assistance: on-site and remotely